Luxury Furniture Specialist

Italian Atelier is a family-owned, family-run, third-generation luxury furniture design specialist who is determined to bring out to the world luxury, quality, and perfection.
Luxury Furniture Specialist

The Face Behind Our Success

  • Board

    • Gianfranco Bianchi

      CEO & President of Italian Atelier, Gianfranco Bianchi has had years of experience in the furniture industry. Growing up in a family that owns one of the biggest sofa suppliers in Quarrata, Tuscany, our CEO has dedicated his whole life to bringing the luxury lifestyle to everyone. 


      Italian Atelier remains to this day his proudest achievement. Running the business has brought him tremendous joy in creativity and artistry. 


      Previously a professional biker, he loves reading books, swimming, and biking in his free time. 

      Gianfranco Bianchi

    • Jasmine Chau

      Jasmine Chau has been Italian Atelier’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) since September 2017. Her daily tasks involve assisting the CEO with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives as well as taking charge of marketing activities for the agency.


      With over a decade of experience in banking and operating, Jasmine is an expert in her field and has a proven track of successfully helping the agency grow. A work achievement that she is particularly proud of is having helped increase the company’s profit by double in 2018 and opening three branches in Asia for Italian Atelier. What Jasmine loves the most about her job is that she gets to learn new things every day and travel around the world. 


      Outside of the office, she can be found outdoor exercising and painting.

      Jasmine Chau

      CSO & CMO
  • Italy Team

    • Nicola Caponi

      Nicola Caponi has been Italian Atelier’s COO since 2016. His tasks consist of dealing with accounting records, CRM management, and organizational issue resolution. Before joining us, he had experience in raw materials purchase and production management. He is always thrilled to meet new people and encounter various situations while working. 


      In his free time, he enjoys doing sports, reading, listening to music, and spending quality time with his family. 

      Nicola Caponi

    • Edoardo Caponi

      Edoardo Caponi has been with us since 2014. He is in charge of managing administrative tasks, supporting various tasks from the office, and managing the agreement with brands and employees. Being an essential part of our team, Edoardo has worked on finalizing many brand agreements and has helped expand our network.


      He is a man of many hobbies such as playing basketball, deejaying, watching movies, and enjoying literature.

      Edoardo Caponi

      AD & Legal
    • Cristina Huber

      Cristina Huber, who has been with Italian Atelier for over 20 years, is in charge of handling activities connected to sales and customer support. She has had years of experience in various fields including logistics, accounting, and sales. She takes a huge interest in customer care as she is proud of being their problem solver.


      Outside of work, she spends time listening to music, reading, and surfing the Internet.

      Cristina Huber

    • Betty Bianchi

      Betty Bianchi

      CEO Assistant
    • Matteo Caponi

      Matteo Caponi is Italian Atelier’s Back Office Assistant. Having been with us since February 2019, he enjoys creating the newsletter, learning about brands’ products, and helping other colleagues with their day-to-day tasks. Matteo takes pride in every single work of his.


      When he is not working, he can be found listening to music, studying dogs’ attitudes, playing football, and exercising.

      Matteo Caponi

      BO Assistant
  • China Team

    • Sophia Peng

      Having been Italian Atelier’s Business Development Manager in China since 2020, Sophia Peng takes pride in connecting prospective audiences to the brands our agency represents. Previously working for Vitra for 14 years, Sophia is an expert in her field and she has succeeded in developing ClassiCon’s brand awareness in China.


      She spends her free time playing sports, listening to music, hiking, and cooking among other hobbies.

      Sophia Peng

      BD Manager
    • Alex Liu

      Alex Liu

      BD Manager
    • Jing Zhao

      Jing Zhao

      BD Manager
  • India Team

    • Akshay Rane

      As Italian Atelier India’s General Manager, Akshay Rane has contributed a great deal to the immense growth of Italian Atelier in the South Asian region. His tasks include overviewing the operations in India as well as handling sales for the regional market. Previously represented for international brands in India such as Poltrona Frau and Roche Bobois, Akshay brings to the table his expertise and rich market comprehension. His day-to-day job allows him to learn new things and broaden his horizons, which is what keeps the energy and passion going daily.


      In his free time, Akshay enjoys reading and exploring the world on his motorcycle.

      Akshay Rane

      General Manager
    • Khalid Shaikh

      Khalid Shaikh has been Italian Atelier India’s Sales Support since August 2019. His years of working for a furniture company that represents Herman Miller, Frezza, USM, Bisley, and Koleksiyon before joining Italian Atelier has made Khalid a valuable addition to the team. He is in charge of dealing with technical queries for the company as well as following up with our clients. Khalid finds it rewarding to be at the customers’ beck and call and resolve their queries quickly. 


      In his precious free time, he plays cricket and rides bikes with friends.

      Khalid Shaikh

      Sales Support
  • Vietnam Team

    • Hoang Le

      Hoang Le

      Marketing Assistant
    • Huy Tran

      Huy Tran

      Graphic Designer
    • Tu Dang

      Tu Dang

      Marketing Executive
    • Dat Nguyen

      Dat Nguyen

      Web Developer
    • Kaylee Nguyen

      Kaylee Nguyen

      Content Creator
  • Indonesia Team

    • Elvina Sunarto

      Elvina Sunarto has been Business Development Manager for Italian Atelier in Indonesia since September 2021. Previously Elvina has had 4 years of experience working as a sales representative for premium Interior furniture & finishing brands (Vitra, Steelcase, Milliken, JEB partition, etc.). Now joining Italian Atelier, she finds the environment supportive and anticipates her journey with the company.


      When she’s out of work, one can find her cooking, watching movies, reading, or jogging.

      Elvina Sunarto

      BD Manager

Our Values

  • Harness your creation
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Fulfil your dreams
  • Innovate to solve
  • Lifelong education
  • Achievement with conviction