Luxury Furniture Specialist

Italian Atelier is a family-owned, family-run, third-generation luxury furniture design specialist who is determined to bring out to the world luxury, quality, and perfection.
Luxury Furniture Specialist

The Face Behind Our Success

  • Board

    • Gianfranco Bianchi

      Gianfranco Bianchi

    • Jasmine Chau

      Jasmine Chau

      CSO & CMO
  • Italy Team

    • Nicola Caponi

      Nicola Caponi

    • Bruno Di Biase

      Bruno Di Biase

      CIO & Controller
    • Edoardo Caponi

      Edoardo Caponi

      AD & Legal
    • Cristina Huber

      Cristina Huber

    • Betty Bianchi

      Betty Bianchi

      CEO Assistant
    • Matteo Caponi

      Matteo Caponi

      BO Assistant
  • China Team

    • Sophia Peng

      Sophia Peng

      BD Manager
    • Tony Ding

      Tony Ding

      BD Manager
    • Alex Liu

      Alex Liu

      BD Manager
  • India Team

    • Akshay Rane

      Akshay Rane

      General Manager
    • Khalid Shaikh

      Khalid Shaikh

      Sales Support
  • Vietnam Team

    • Hoa Nguyen

      Hoa Nguyen

      Marketing Executive
    • Chau Trieu

      Chau Trieu

      Content Writer
    • Hai Tran

      Hai Tran

      Web Developer
    • Amellus Nguyen

      Amellus Nguyen

      CSO & CMO Assistant
    • Haley Truong

      Haley Truong

      Financial Controller
    • Noah Ngo

      Noah Ngo

      Marketing Assistant
    • Ngan Ngo

      Ngan Ngo

      Graphic Designer
    • Dung Tran

      Dung Tran

      Graphic Designer

Our Values

  • Harness your creation
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Fulfil your dreams
  • Innovate to solve
  • Lifelong education
  • Achievement with conviction