We Are Not
A Typical Agency

Unique service for unique needs

  • Architect, Designer & Developer

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    • Consulting

      Whenever you take on a new task, we can come in with our experience and a professional take on artistry and luxury, and assist you throughout the entire project or offer consultancy on the suitable products and concepts.

    • Design Consulting

      A service dedicated to designers and developers who would like to add fresh perspectives to the design and invigorate the space. We offer you a detailed concept demonstration of the brand you are looking for, as well as helping keep the concept on the right track.

  • Private Consumer

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    • Consulting

      We will help you choose the most fitting decoration items for your place, answer your concern about the current design, or select the concept most suited to your personality and vision for your dream place.

    • Merchandise Service

      Comes in handy if you know what you are looking for but are struggling with completing the purchase since there is not an official showroom of the brand near you. We are allowed to act as an authorized seller in your location and we will support you with all administrative, logistic, and importation tasks.

    • Deliver and Install

      Once the furniture item has arrived, we will take care of the delivery and installation at your place upon receiving your permission to do so.

    • After Sales Service

      Is a service you would not find anywhere else. This means that we will keep in touch regularly to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product and our service. Should any problems arise, they shall be addressed immediately.

  • Brand Collaboration

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    The following services are designated for any luxury brands who are looking for a well-rounded representative in Asia Pacific. Our CEO, who oversees all of our projects, has established connections with a large network of clients in the market and has gained their absolute trust. His passion and capability are the primary factors to your satisfaction and confidence.
    • Consulting

      We offer you a comprehensive consulting service to paint you a picture of your target audience. Our team of local employees with great expertise and cultural knowledge will provide you with market insights.

    • Market Research

      With our rigorous database of 30,000 clients and great expertise, we will help you carry out intensive research and provide you with a thorough market analysis. Additionally, we can provide you with a monthly/quarterly report as required. To make your move to Asia easier, we also assist you with researching facilities for your factories, offices, and stores upon request.

    • Customer Care

      Upon connecting prospective customers to your brand, we will also do painstaking customer care. Our people will directly visit the buyer and take care of their concerns on your behalf.

    • Area Sales Manager

      Should you need to drive brand exposure and market sales, we can act as your Area Sales Manager. We do require an exclusive contract with you in order for us to deliver the correct message of your brand and to present your image coherently.

  • Distributor/Retailer

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    • Consulting

      We are your bridge to some of the world’s most reputable brands. We can provide you with any type of information you need about a particular brand and offer you the best deal.

      If you are wondering about the brands we represent and their collection, check out the brands’ catalog for details.

    • After Sales Service

      It’s not just about the business, but also the relationship. Italian Atelier wants to prolong our relationship with each and every customer beyond the threshold of a contract. This is why we provide you with after sales service that you will not find elsewhere. The service means we will keep in touch regularly to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the product and our service. Should any problems arise, they shall be addressed immediately.