“By the time a kid in Estonia is in early teens, each member of the family had their own tree.”  For the man of the forest are preachers, where all things reside. Gradually, the idea of bringing nature into the house is becoming more and more welcome. 

With the furniture itself, nature makes a strong statement in the living space. The idea of incorporating the forest is always elaborated and molded by the designer to bring a sense of freshness and comfort. Life has never been so clear- cut. The house creates its own world, a place on the edge of the world in search of the meaning of healing; pamper yourself living in the middle of the forest, in the middle of a deserted valley, surrounded by dense black forest. 

If you haven’t found that feeling yet, let Italian Atelier take you to follow the “Forest” furniture and listen to their call.


EP.1: In the living room, there is a leopard.

The Safari sofa is a multiple seat with the profile of the backrest shaped like a series of waves, one gathers in the central void, accessed through an opening, as in a sort of tribal ritual. The piece of furniture consists of four pieces of two different types (two armchair modules and two sofa modules).

The Safari sofa was put into production for the first time in 1968, designed by Archizoom Associati. The experimental fibreglass technique was used for the structure. For the seat and backrest upholstery, Archizoom chose a printed animal pattern fabric with a Leopard print. The same pattern is used for the polyurethane foam carpet placed between the seats. 2022 sees the re-introduction of this iconic sofa to the Poltronova catalogue.

Available in three faux fur colourways: Plain White, Grey Leopard, Yellow Leopard.

The name “Safari” meaning an organized journey to look at, or sometimes hunt, wild animals, especially in Africa “one week on safari”

A closer look of the Safari chair. Still keeping the original suede material, but this time, the Safari chair is launched with an impressive Pierre Frey® leopard print version. The wildness and charm of the wild world are on display in your room.

Curved furniture is back , which was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, is making a comeback stronger than ever. This style is particularly popular for living room furniture such as sofas, couches, or couches because it creates a close, friendly space that is ideal for hospitable talks between homeowners.

EP.2: SLIDE Afrika – The glamour of the ‘Black Continent’ 


Marcantonio x SLIDE made a big impression with these Afrika collection collaboration designs: the KROKO armchair, BIG KROKO ver, and THREEBÙ, a contemporary coffee table/stool. These are without a doubt the most creative masterpieces created to date. Brings a unique charm from natural animal models.

EP.3 : Mirabili- tropical jungle vibe

You will be genuinely shocked, even shocked since we believed we were lost in a tropical jungle excursion or a particular garden, while looking at Mirabili’s designs. 

On a white background, the picture bursts into life with birds, phalaenopsis, enormous flowers, and vibrant pineapples. Nature is dancing wildly behind the chair in this image. I almost believed that the regal Lion King teaser video was passing in front of me.

It is not difficult to innovate a design when it has become inadequate. The most basic option is openness, both to nature and to the human soul. Find a house that has a story behind the furniture. The designs above the Italian Atelier suggest that you can live in vast forests right in the middle of the city. No one wants to be confined within four walls, so bringing a little poetry and peace into the home is a great way to unwind after a long day of chaos and stress.


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