Indulging yourself in the Armani living style

Indulging yourself in the Armani living style

*All products’ images used in this article have been authorized for distribution by Armani/Casa 


In April 2020, as chaotic headlines flooded the locked-down globe, Giorgio Armani wrote a courageous open letter to the trade industry bible Women’s Wear Daily, calling for “a careful and intelligent slowdown”, reminding us that this time of pause could be the opportunity to help us define a more meaningful and conscious tomorrow. 

Indeed, Giorgio Armani himself can never be accused of rushing. Armani’s vision for design has remained consistent in his advocacy and practice of moving away from fast trends and indulging in slow, seasonless, and elegant luxury.

This mentality has been vigorously demonstrated in Armani/Casa’s accessories collection released in 2020. With its release, Armani/Casa encourages its audience to adapt Mr. Armani’s mindset and take a breather amidst the exhaustion that the pandemic has brought upon and the call from businesses to keep running faster than the change itself.

So imagine.

It’s a Sunday morning. You have just gone through a hectic week of back-to-back Zoom calls and working at your desk in front of your computer eight hours a day while taking care of your family. You’re waking up from your bed and deciding that today is going to be a slow and lazy one. You are going to have a well-deserved break today. 

A fresh morning starts from your bedroom

From left to right, top to bottom: REBECCA napkin, RUDOLPH bed tray table, VENERE flatware 

A cozy breakfast in bed sounds lovely. On the RUDOLPH bed tray table lays a nutritious meal that you will dig in using VENERE flatware and REBECCA napkins. You are enjoying your breakfast while observing your surroundings, looking out of your window, noticing the blue sky, hearing the birds chirping, and feeling the slight breeze of autumn touch your cheeks. 


From left to right, top to bottom: TEORIA watch case, GOCCIA baskets and boxes, REINA lavender closet bag, NASTRO leather box, ROCKS fragrance set

After breakfast, you step into the bathroom to get prepared for the day. On top of the bathroom sink lies the GOCCIA basket containing all of your amenities and beauty products that you use to freshen up. Then, you choose your outfit from the REINA lavender closet bag in your closet. Put on your jewelry in the NASTRO leather bag or the watch sitting in the TEORIA watch case and apply fragrance from the ROCKS fragrance set. You are ready to take on the day.


From left to right, top to bottom: PRIAMO vase, ROVO gardening kit

The sun is shining. After days of being boxed up in your office, you would like to be immersed in nature. Picking up your ROVO gardening kit, you head to the garden that is in a dire need of tending to. The smell of dirt after the summer rain, of leaves being dyed orange by the sun, of flowers starting to go in full bloom, make you feel at ease. On your way back inside, you pick a bunch of roses to put in your empty PRIAMO vase.

A productive and energetic afternoon

From left to right, top to bottom: FAIR chessboard, HERO domino game box, RUBENS set of chessboard, EUCHRE double card pack, NARDO wooden puzzle

The afternoon is for entertainment, but not just any type of entertainment. You are going to entertain in Armani’s refined and classy style. It is the perfect time in the day to release the pent-up stress and practice your skills, as well as improving your strength through energetic activities. 

There is a wide variety of games for people who love to challenge their minds. There’s the FAIR and RUBENS chessboard for the clamorous mind. The HERO domino game box for the domino enthusiasts. If you’re up for some card games, the EUCHRE double card pack is your item. Or you can test your logic skills with the NARDO wooden puzzle featuring only 49 pieces.

From left to right, top to bottom: POLLOK notebook set, MINOS bookend, MOSER alabaster bookend, ORWELL desk set

This time of the day is also perfect for reading the slightly dusted books on your bookshelf. Sitting down at the ORWELL desk, take out a book from the MINOS or MOSER bookend that you have always wanted to read but could never find the time to. As you are flipping through every page, you write your favorite quotes in the POLLOK notebook for future reference. 

From left to right, top to bottom: PUMP dumbbell set, hopping rope, thermal bottle, yoga mat

In the time of social distancing, the most encouraged and desired activity is home training, which requires open space, a suitable routine, and high-quality training items. Armani/Casa’s set of home training products including a yoga mat, dumbbells, thermal bottle, and hopping rope, can be your great assistance. Besides fulfilling their purpose of helping you build better strength, they can also spruce up your training space because of their classy appearance.


A homey and cozy outdoor dinner

From left to right, top to bottom: DUSTIN chair, PICNIC lamp, ODE dinnerware, PLANK able, ROBESPIERRE BBQ kit

A grill party is a must-have on the weekend when you get to be around your family and enjoy a pleasant evening. Place the PLANK small table in the center of your backyard and DUSTIN chairs around it. The table is beautifully set with the ODE dinnerware and the lit PICNIC lantern being the centerpiece. You put on the apron, take out the ROBESPIERRE BBQ kit and get down to grilling.


The end of an off-the-grid day

PEGASO scented candle

Before heading to bed and calling it a day, you immerse yourself in the bathtub, smelling the pleasant fragrance coming off from the PEGASO scented candle. You are completely relaxed and healed. All the worries can wait. You are resting and charging to be ready for the coming week. You are beginning to understand what true luxury is: the freedom to stop and take a break, the ability to be with your loved ones, and the opportunity to appreciate the simple things in life. Above all, you understand that luxury cannot be fast. 

To slow down and realign everything, to define the meaning in life, and ultimately be more in the present, in and of itself, is living the Armani style. 

Giorgio Armani (right) and Gianfranco Bianchi (left), CEO and founder of Italian Atelier, the official representative of Armani/Casa in the Asia-Pacific region

In Vietnam, it is rather difficult to purchase this accessories collection or any other products of Armani/Casa since the brand has yet an official store. Buying the products through the website or buying portable goods involves dealing with numerous steps. 

Therefore, Italian Atelier’s presence in Vietnam marks an important milestone for the luxury furniture industry in this market. As the official representative of Armani/Casa in the Asia Pacific, the company does not only assist domestic customers with simplifying their purchase process but also consulting them on how to incorporate the product seamlessly into their living space. 

In the near future, Italian Atelier plans to launch an official showroom for this prestigious brand, so that Vietnamese customers can experience the items for themselves. As the connection between European luxury furniture brands and the clients in the APAC region, Italian Atelier shall bring to the market their expertise and be a reliable source of information for all the Western design and luxury furniture enthusiasts. 


This article is a translation of the original article published on L’Offficiel Vietnam