Content Writer


Job Brief:

We are looking for a part-time Content Writer to join our Marketing team and enrich our websites with new blog posts, guides and marketing copy. You’ll deliver quality writing pieces that appeal to our audiences, attract customers and boost brand awareness.


  1. Research industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews and studies)
  2. Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services
  3. Proofread and edit blog posts before publication
  4. Submit work to manager for input and approval
  5. Coordinate with web designer to illustrate articles
  6. Conduct simple keyword research and use SEO guidelines to increase web traffic
  7. Produce content for social media and magazine, web articles
  8. Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images, tone, etc.)
  9. Update website content as needed


  1. Strong English writing skills
  2. Experience doing research using multiple sources
  3. Familiarity with web and media publications
  4. Communication and teamwork skills
  5. Ability to meet deadlines
  6. Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly

Why should you work for us:

  • Students/Undergraduate are encouraged
  • Opportunities to apply available knowledge to real world situations
  • Flexible working hours (20 hours/week)
  • Work 100% virtually
  • Working for a multi-national company
  • Can proceed to long-term or permanent positions
  • Travel opportunities



Title: Application – [Position Name] – [Your name]


  1. CV
  2. Related Certificates
  3. Why you are suitable for the position


Ms. Amellus Nguyen – Assistant for CSO & CMO


WhatsApp: (+84) 365755727

We hope to receive your applications and will be in contact as soon as possible.