Salone del Mobile 2022 – Design for our Future Self in a view

Salone del Mobile 2022 – Design for our Future Self in a view

More than a month has passed since the end of Salone del Mobile 2022, but the remnants of promising interior artworks still linger in the subconscious of each visitor. Returning after 2 years of the epidemic, Salone had a successful comeback with an interior party that was enough to satisfy the beauty-loving soul around the planet.

In addition to displaying luxurious and classy beauty and embracing contemporary values, the 60th Salone del Mobile also brings works that can change the perception and worldview of observers about the world. With sustainable materials and the importance of ecosystems to the future of mankind, following the main theme of “Sustainability”, this year’s Salone has created an opportunity for a series of famous brands to unleash their creativity, to deliver items that are not only beautiful in appearance, but also beautiful in every step of production. Importantly, they can greatly impact and change our future with positive effects on the environment and ecosystems.

Join the Italian Atelier to review carefully designed, meticulous and sophisticated interior products with the aim of moving towards a green future right now.

Apply natural and renewable materials to interior design

Towards building a truly green “empire” in the future, the use of natural, reusable and renewable materials is one of the core factors that has a great influence on the nuances of the planet as well as the worldview of people.

However, the problem here is, how to both “green” the materials that make up the product, and at the same time satisfy the souls who love beauty and love the subtlety to every detail of luxury furniture products?

With the theme of “Sustainability” at Salone del Mobile 2022, furniture brands have surprised the viewers by subtly transforming natural materials, skillfully creating products that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. From there, they highlight the importance of applying green materials to build a green future and a green lifestyle of global users.

SLIDE – Initiating the application of natural materials in interior product design

Mentioning here, the first name to go to is SLIDE. Returning to the 60th Salone del Mobile, and celebrating its 20th anniversary, SLIDE had the first collaboration with designer Marcantonio. Not disappointing fans, the Afrika collection that SLIDE brought to Salone, molded under the talented and meticulous hands of Marcantonio, became an impressive highlight at this year’s exhibition. Not only are the Kroko/ Big Kroko armchairs shaped with inspiration from the crocodile or Threebù tables with unique shapes, skillful interference between traditional values ​​and contemporary art, the Afrika Collection products are also made up of a bioplastic derived from sugarcane bagasse. It also means that they are completely renewable, guaranteed to be stable over time, and can be used in many different ways in the future.

And yet, in keeping with the spirit of sustainability and designing products with a “green” future, SLIDE also brings to Salone this year indoor and outdoor tables called Ottocento, created by Paola Navone. Using natural marble as the main material, Paola has really brought out wonderful “colors” that have the ability to change the appearance of living spaces, both inside and out. He did not choose beautiful and luxurious materials, but decided to take advantage of the value from pure natural ingredients to create beauty for the products he worked so hard to create. It is this that confirms the determination to follow the spirit of this year’s exhibition, and at the same time hopes to contribute to changing the perception and opinion of the world about “green” furniture, changing the future in the nature-friendly direction of SLIDE.

Not stopping there, SLIDE continues to affirm itself as a bright candidate in the race “to green the interior, towards the future” when sending to the fans at Salone del Mobile 2022 images of Amanda’s desk products. Designed in the shape of a cartoon character, Amanda is the highlight of this year’s SLIDE not only with her unique appearance, but also because it is made from a material source with up to 30% EcoAllene (a recycled material). 100% made from Tetrapack cartons). The brand has given new life to this material that was once thought to be waste, and at the same time inspired a future with recycling as the fulcrum, truly in harmony with nature through this special furniture.

“Sustainably produced and flexible in use – a design object that works in any living environment” – Classicon

Besides plastic derived from bagasse or EcoAllen, this year’s Salone also marks the appearance of a rather special material: Cork (oak wood). Cork has appeared in furniture products of a big brand: Classicon. Representing materials of natural origin, safe, benign and extremely sustainable, Cork has captured the attention of fans who came to visit the exhibition at first sight.

Classicon’s chairs are extremely skillfully transformed thanks to Cork material. These are no longer ordinary chairs but really a work of art, a design inspired by wine corks and crystallized from the most genuine, sturdy, rustic oak wood and the ingenuity of the designers, creating a really outstanding bathroom furniture product.

Respect the originality in each material

Riva 1920 – Respect the originality with solid wood material

Besides taking advantage of natural materials, respecting the originality of the materials that make up the product is also a way to show respect for the ecosystem, for nature, and for the Earth. Speaking of which, there’s no denying that Riva 1920 – a brand with 100 years of using sustainable wood and materials and an ecosystem – has done well with Maya and Venice Cedro.

The Maya chair was born with the desire to maintain the traditional features associated with art through the motto “Less is more”. In particular, the wooden blocks that make up Maya make a huge impression in the eyes of the observer when they are combined and attached together in a very skillful way, to both keep the originality of the wood and clearly depict it. breathtaking fine lines. All create a personalized art product that is both delicate and luxurious, but also close, attached and respectful of nature.

The Maya chair

Besides, Venice Cedro by Riva 1920 also deserves to be considered as one of the important designs towards “greening” the future when created by cedar wood, Praise must be given to Riva 1920’s designers, because they have created the perfect interference between graceful beauty, luxurious and sophisticated enough to attract the eyes of beauty lovers. The quintessence of wood materials from nature creating a masterpiece that can change the way furniture is used in the present and future, so it is sustainable and absolutely friendly to the environment.

Venice Cedro

Riviere – Subtly, skillfully bring bamboo material into interior accessories

Bringing beautiful, small but equally beautiful furniture products, Riviere also follows the principle of sustainability with dotted knots in the product towards a green future. In particular, it must be mentioned that this brand has chosen bamboo material to put into its small furniture.

Coming to Riviere’s booth at Salone del Mobile 2022 this year, we will encounter meticulous and skillful hand-woven leather trays with bamboo and silver-plated handles. They are combined with many tones of colors, bringing diverse shades to the living space. Riviere’s talent must be recognized when they have decided to choose bamboo as one of the main materials constituting the product, not a certain type of industrial wood that covers the market. Bamboo is strong and tough, but not so that it loses the softness and lightness of furniture products. They are still graceful in every corner, flexible, gently blowing new breezes into living and working spaces, dispelling monotony, boredom, and bringing positive energy to users.

Bringing nature into the home can be in many ways, but thanks to Riviere, beauty lovers can enjoy the taste of nature with just small, pretty and soulful interior accessories.

Bring eco-green color "breathes" into each product and area

Not only from the raw materials, the beauty of the furniture for the future is also displayed with extremely delicate and skillful eco-green colors. When coming to SLIDE’s booth, visitors seem to see a picture of nature fully reproduced, serene and gentle through the color of the product itself. The tables and chairs are covered with natural paint and colors associated with the Earth as once again affirming the unlimited aesthetic beauty of items derived from nature.

Coming to Salone del Mobile 2022, LondonArt also had an excellent handshake with DSQUARED2 and brought valuable wallpaper designs. Not only appreciated for their aesthetic, unique and full of symbolism, the products that these two brands collaborated to bring to Salone are also covered with a fresh, “green” and real outer layer. The soul is inspired by nature. The eco-system style is hidden through each line, the soulful line is the clearest statement of LondonArt when it erases the monotony and boredom of the white walls and aims at living space converging enough green in the future.

Besides, the miniatures that brands prepare to fully show the beauty of interior products are also associated with nature, making visitors feel like they are immersed in a future world that promises to be flooded with natural green color. We can see that at Riva 1920’s, ex-t’s or Vittoria Frigerio’s booth, when the area is carefully invested, skillfully greened to affirm the designs and furniture of the company. They are the first choice for a green future, for the journey to turn human life in the same direction as the development of the planet.

Riva 1920's booth
Ex-t's booth

Vittoria Frigerio’s booth

Towards a future that is “green” and friendly to the natural ecosystem, the design product lines appearing at Salone del Mobile 2022 are on the right track with the spirit of honoring sustainability and ease of use, easy to recycle and does not negatively affect environmental quality. This trend of using furniture towards the purpose of turning the future is like that, which is also the purpose that this year’s exhibition wants to convey to global interior lovers.