The permanent values heading to the Asia Pacific market

The permanent values heading to the Asia Pacific market

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Italian Atelier with the goal of instilling in Vietnamese customers a European-style living environment culture.

For ages, interior design products originating from Europe have always retained their lasting appeal thanks to their impeccable quality crystallized through a remarkable history and top-notch craftsmanship. Despite all the changes, the masterpieces designed for living spaces – from villas, apartments, hotels, resorts to art galleries, exhibition spaces, model houses – have always become the standard of what is most aesthetic, delicate, preferred by the elite, businessmen and celebrities around the globe.

Understanding the value and influence of the European interior design industry on worldwide consumers, especially ones in the Asia-Pacific market, Italian Atelier hopes to become a bridge that offers a European luxury lifestyle for those who are looking for perfection.

Gianfranco Bianchi – CEO of Italian Atelier

Although still a fairly new brand to the Vietnamese market, Italian Atelier is gradually affirming a solid position as well as the reputation of the family brand throughout three generations of the Bianchi family in the field of luxury interior design. Gianfranco Bianchi – our President and CEO of Italian Atelier – comes from a family with a tradition in high-end furniture production with three factories in Italy supplying products to the UK market. Of course, with passion flowing in his blood, executive and management experience in the fields of high-end furniture, Gianfranco Bianchi has brought a new breath, a new spirit with a new mission to Italian Atelier.


Italian Atelier represents nearly 40 well-known furniture brands and this number continues to grow.

As a multinational brand, Italian Atelier not only creates business opportunities for European interior and design brands in the Asia-Pacific area through their experience in market research, media consulting, brand, product, project management but also helps in advising, product selection and creating a luxurious lifestyle for Vietnamese consumers.

During 14 years of operation, through a portfolio of high-class products from world famous brands as well as the dedication and professionalism of a team of experts, we have built a reputation in the retailers, architects, interior designers, real estate developers and consumers community. With the support of 6 branches in Italy, China, India, Singapore, and Vietnam, Italian Atelier has entered the most promising markets in Asia as representing nearly 40 famous furniture brands, including Armani/Casa, Armani/Fiori, Agape & Agapecasa, Missoni Home, Wiener GTV Design,… and this number is continuing to grow.

Gianfranco Bianchi and Giorgio Armani, designer and founder of Armani

According to Gianfranco Bianchi, CEO of Italian Atelier, the economic potential of a developing country like Vietnam is the reason for him to choose Vietnam as the next destination after China and India. Despite the general difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh City office in 2020 is a step forward in leading the market as well as the customer outreach strategy, in order to convey our brands’ messages and images accurately and consistently.

After learning more about the market, Italian Atelier found that while the world economy is forecasted to have the most severe recession in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s economy is one of the four rare economies that still maintained its development with an estimated GDP growth rate of 2.91%. At the same time, the current consumer trend in Vietnam does not place much emphasis on prices, but requires that the product must match the style and architecture of the house. In the past few years, Vietnam has witnessed an explosion of high-end real estate projects, leading to an increase in demand for interior design. These factors mentioned above have shown that the potential of the furniture industry in Vietnam is not small. According to Statista’s report, in the period of 2019-2023, the annual growth rate of furniture industry revenue has been forecasted at 13.5% with a revenue of about 793 million USD in 2023.

Lodha Group’s World One Tower project 

In the context of limited movement and face-to-face interaction due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Italian Atelier has applied many digital solutions to bring new experiences to their consumers. By utilizing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we always prioritizes customer care, affirming the exclusive service quality from the high-class Italian brand. Meanwhile, the 3600 virtual villa tour will provide consumers with the pleasure of visiting a virtual space, allowing them to envision the layout and design in the most efficient manner.

In the future, Italian Atelier would like to continue our mission of bridging the gap between  customers and the most prestigious furniture brands in the world and convey their messages to Vietnamese consumers. Also, Italian Atelier will be a reliable source of information for the Vietnamese market if customers want to know through the design, history, or other aspects related to the interior, and turn luxury interiors into a casual lifestyle.

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