The Universe of Egos: An Inside Look At “Into The Mirror” Exhibition

A Message To Yourself From Another Universe!

“Into The Mirror” Exhibition may have drawn its curtains, but its resounding message still resonates in the minds of every visitor.

Inspired by the extraordinary origin of the iconic Ultrafragola Mirror, “Into The Mirror” is a story from unearthing your inner ego to redefining your current “living version”. It invites you to traverse a path of endless self-exploration, raising questions about your identity and the version that aligns most comfortably with your being.

Similar to the context when Ultrafragola was born, it was criticized for its bizarre shape, which stood out completely from the rest of traditional mirrors. However, as time passed by, thanks to Ettore Sottsass’ persistent belief in bringing new heights to the Italian design industry, Ultrafragola retained its crown and garnered immense admiration from the public.

Are you tempted to embark on this mesmerizing 11-day journey through our exhibition? Let’s offer you a glimpse into this captivating experience!

“Not at all. The idea just came naturally. Because the story itself has been very inspirational, and the whole team are also big fans of Ultrafragola and Poltronova, we only need to choose which angle to dive deep in.““Into The Mirror”’s Creative Director, Le Hoang Go

“We let all team members have time to research about the mirror and the brand. Then, each of us had to present how we understood the story, sharing various angles from different perspectives. This was a way to evoke the artistic sense within each person and then elegantly combine them into a cohesive work of art.”“Into The Mirror”’s Art Director, Huy Tran

“We were all in a rush to propose to Poltronova. It must be something that the brand would have never imagined before – that was the whole team’s top goal.”“Into The Mirror”’s Creative Director, Le Hoang Go

Within the first 7 days, they pulled off the pitching, which means there were only 20 days left to turn the ideas into real life. From budget management, human resources arrangement, marketing and communication execution to on-site operation, “Into The Mirror” was born under an extreme condition that no one would believe in its potential.

“My greatest source of pride has been and will always be my team. I place full trust in everything they do. To me, it is their young energy that sails this “boat”. 27 days to make an exhibition with an optimal budget, limited time was just inconceivable, but they did it!”CMO & CSO of Italian Atelier, Jasmine Chau

“Everything really got me in the mood. I was firstly amazed by Ultrafragola’s display in Space 1, from the way they hung transparent strips of information about the mirror’s history. Then Space 2 would pull you in a mirror maze full of self-reflection messages. But not until I came to Space 3 was I incredibly mesmerized by the surrealistic concept. A brilliant way to present creativity!”Duc, Content Creator, a guest of “Into The Mirror”

“I came all the way from Hanoi to see how “Into The Mirror” will turn out and it is truly beyond my expectation. It’s a bit emotional to witness how the team has been growing so far. I’m so proud of them and also of myself for having been a part of the Italian Atelier Team!”Tu Dang, Ex Content Leader of Italian Atelier, a guest of “Into The Mirror”

As a token of our appreciation, each guest received a small gift from our team. We are delighted that they not only had an enjoyable time but also formed meaningful connections.

Our first day of public opening was a blast out of expectation. People began lining up early in the morning, patiently waiting for up to 30 minutes to enter our exhibition.

By 4 PM, the line had grown significantly, reaching its peak within just two hours.

“I could literally feel the excitement through many participants’ eyes. It really touched my heart how each visitor had already been attracted to our message first and decided to pay a visit.” – “Into The Mirror”’s Head Of Content, Xuan Quynh

“What drove you here? Was there any specific reason for this 30-minute wait despite the rain?”

“I was just very curious. The Surreal concept sounded really cool to me and I also resonated a lot with the message. I wondered how Italian Atelier and De La Sól would artistically convey meanings into objects and display.” – a visitor of “Into The Mirror”.

The heat did not stop there. “Into The Mirror” consistently welcomed thousands of visitors within the span of just 5 days and steadily maintained half of that amount on weekdays.

“But it is not just about the numbers. It is the love for art that pulls us closer. Italian Atelier has long wanted to do something special about arts and the unique radical design movement in my country, Vietnam. As a person who travels a lot to different countries and cultures, I was so happy that this exhibition became a success.” CMO & CSO of Italian Atelier, Jasmine Chau

“Into The Mirror” has officially concluded with an astonishing total of thousands of participants!

First and foremost, our profound gratitude extends to the numerous art enthusiasts and vibrant young individuals who graced us with their presence. Each participant exemplified the creative and energetic spirit of Vietnam’s young community, reaffirming our belief that we’re on the right path in providing a playground for arts & design.

Furthermore, we’d like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Glogg Wine & for their immense support throughout this event. Your invaluable presence was instrumental in making this event the success that it was!

Save the best for the last, a resounding thank you to our dedicated team!

“You cannot create a soulful exhibition if you don’t put your souls into it. “Into The Mirror” was a kaleidoscope made up of each member’s piece of creativity and their perspectives through life experiences. To me, the true art of this exhibition is our members!” – “Into The Mirror”’s HR Manager, Kaylee Nguyen

They worked tirelessly from the very inception of this exhibition. Their creativity, brilliance, dedication, and passionate flame for art were clearly evidenced by “Into The Mirror”’s triumph! We must also acknowledge our collaborators, whose boundless enthusiasm and invaluable assistance contributed significantly to our accomplishment.

If you’re curious about how the Italian Atelier Team brought “Into The Mirror” to life, be sure to join us for our upcoming episode where we reveal the fascinating “behind-the-scenes” details!

This is just the opening chapter of our tale, where art and design are woven into the very fabric of furniture. Follow us to ensure you stay informed about all the exciting activities to come!

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