Year-end review: walking through our brands’ 2021 collection

Year-end review: walking through our brands’ 2021 collection

2021 has witnessed a tough time for the whole world as we continue to deal with economic and medical struggles. Amid hardships, creativity and beauty still prevail with the newly-released collections by six brilliant European high-end furniture brands. Let us introduce each of them to you!

GIOPAGANI: A creative twist on the traditions

For their 2021 new collection, GIOPAGANI made developments for three of their capsule collections: Sartoria, Esprit Noir, and Unknown Pleasures.

SARTORIA highlights “Haute Couture” garments where both the attention to the material and the details are the main elements of this collection. The starting point of a philosophy that draws its inspiration from the Fashion world to be reinterpreted into the design, Sartoria dresses its products exalting a pure soul.

From the Sartoria collection, the VICIOUS modular sofa released in 2021 is a re-edition of their iconic sofa which launched the GIOPAGANI collection in 2015. VICIOUS is a sofa available in fabric, leather, and velvets, which will bring true elegance to your space.

Vicious sofa

The next capsule collection that has witnessed changes is the ESPRIT NOIR. Inspired by the movement of Concrete Art, the shapes of Esprit Noir are unveiled by decoration and symbolism, exasperating the contrast between pure material and abstract graphics in an expressive balance that enhances the functionality of the object.

The Essence bedside table has a push-pull drawer in ribbed solid ash wood, with open-pore matt black dying, mounted on a matt black metal frame. In the new edition, there has been an increase in the combination of abstract graphics, ribbed wood, and Louro Preto wood, which is unique to the Essence series.

Essence bedside table

The Rencontre Moi armchair is composed of a wooden shell padded with different densities of polyurethane foam with a top layer mixed with goose feather. The armchair is completely covered in fabric or leather.

Rencontre Moi armchair

The Souvenir chair and armchair, a tribute to Pierre Jeanneret iconical design seating elements, are characterized by minimal shapes and simple materials 

Souvenir armchair

UNKNOWN PLEASURES is the desire to restore order in a world of chaos, recalling the dichotomy of the ’80s between the frantic artistic research, with the arising New Wave movement, and the rigorous aesthetic which was defining the iconic status of the Italian Haute-couture in the world.‎ UNKNOWN PLEASURES is a capsule collection characterized by a rhythmic aesthetic, made of pure and simple geometries.‎

The That’s Me chair, which lives up to its name, expresses the eighties with its clean, pure, and simple form. It consists of a matt black painted metal structure, to which the seat cushion and the back support are fixed, both padded with polyurethane foam.

That’s Me chair

The Guilty bed is made of a padded headboard panel interrupted by stainless steel metal details, which illustrates a perfect blend of classic and modern. 

Guilty bed

GIOPAGANI’s new products completed the product range and the capsule collections they belong to. The brand did not focus on specific and hopefully temporary needs but on the universe of which they are part.

Ahead of their release, the brand made a private preview of their upcoming project of the GIOPAGANI collection by opening the doors of a fully furnished apartment in the prestigious building of BOSCO VERTICALE (Vertical Forest) in Milan, Italy, which gave their clients a glimpse into how GIOPAGANI’s exquisite items fit into their home and be part of their daily lives. They aimed at showing how to make their different microcosm dialogue harmonious and to realize a charming proposal for an international and diversified clientele. 

Meroni&Colzani: Natural, exclusive, and timeless elegance

Meroni & Colzani launched their new collections for the year 2021, which brought in the scene of natural and eco-friendly, yet, still embraces their utmost philosophy in every design “Luxury is exclusive and never ostentatious”. 

To illustrate this year’s concept, Meroni & Colzani stated their inspiration from dandyism that generates innovative designs with creative combinations of materials and colors, hence, expressing the elegance, warmth, soft and even sensual sense into this collection.

Let’s have a look at three outstanding products in the 2021 collections: the L-designed Laglio sofa, Numana coffee table, and the Viareggio bookcase to discover more about the counter-trend style that Meroni & Colzani delivered in this concept.  

Laglio sofa

Laglio sofa

The Laglio sofa’s peculiar characteristics are uniquely drawn through the integrated wooden elements, the covering’s color combination, and implied materials. The hand-worked leather’s texture dedicates rigorous yet elegant shapes through its tricolor decorative details. 

To accentuate this design’s exclusive experience, Cesare Arosio delivers the endless array of Laglio’s covers and accessories available, allowing consumers to freely generate unique combinations for their own Laglio sofa.

Numana coffee table

Numana coffee table

Designed by Cesaro Arosio, the Numana coffee table embodies geometry and solidity,  showcases its clean lines through overlapped surfaces, and contrasting details vary from the appearance of shapes to materials that lie within.

Cesaro Arosio has shown his visional yet artistic mindset through the unique structure of the Numana table. The design is brilliantly made of a combination of rectangular, square, and round surfaces overlapping, gently originating juxtaposition fitting.

To upgrade for an exclusive option, Numana tables’ different shapes are specifically designed with distinctive materials. Arosio separately selects Canaletto walnut veneered and open ash pore for square version, and marble or covered saddle for the rectangular and round surface. A modern design for a modern lifestyle. 

Viareggio bookcase

Viareggio bookcase

Following a spirit of dandyism in this new collection, the Viareggio bookcase embraces its bold combination. Being described as the undisputed star in any space, Viareggio is not simply defined as a bookcase, it can also be a sideboard, a dual face system, and many more, proudly made by MC Lab. 

Presented by light, eclectic and adaptable characteristics, Viareggio takes advantage of its materials highly selected from Canaletto walnut veneer, and Ash open-pore veneered, as well as the personalized color choices. This bookcase showed the strategy vision from MC Lab in thoroughly interpreting the functional needs of contemporary spaces in modern lifestyles.

Three representative products in Meroni & Colzani shown above have exclusively expressed the spirit of the infinite combination and timeless elegance in this new concept for the year 2021, defining a further aspect of Meroni & Colzani inspired by dandyism, yet, delivering the exclusive signature experience for their customers. 


ISØLA from Rossana: bring function and aesthetic gestures into your kitchen area 


Designed by Carlo Colombo, Rossana’s ISØLA signifies the beautiful synthesis between function and aesthetics, representing the brand’s DNA from Rossana: “Created to last”. Inspired by well-defined shapes and strong lines lying through architectural components, the ISØLA is designed with horizontal and vertical elements in the corners, defining itself as a refreshing architectural detail in the contemporary interior industry.

ISØLA comprises five compositions named after famous places: Milano, Ibiza, Paris, New York, and Singapore, making its dynamic language aspect that Rossana has proudly mentioned.


In the ISØLA project, Carlo Colombo showed his evolutionary approach in materials with lifeful combinations of natural materials (marbles, Thermo-treated Chestnut panels,..)  and metal parts (Satin-finished steel, Orizzonte Steel,..). Each of these ISØLA kitchens is thoroughly designed with different materials. This creativity brings up harmony and aggregate capacity in the domestic layout.  

The unique appearance and design structure from ISØLA has been illustrated visually through the metamorphous approach in shaping materials and matter mold in its nature and dynamic language, demonstrating the signature as well as the renewed essence from Rossana. 

Olev: Lighting for your space and your health

Known as one of the Italian LED lighting fixtures that pioneers smart light and generates consumer’s well-being, Olev mainly focuses its products on particular functions as sound-absorbing lamps, lamps that filter and purify the air. This shows their high-technological yet still decorative approach to modern interior needs.

To explore more about the unique features that OLEV presents through their products, let’s take a look at their four outstanding designs with Italian Atelier.



During the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, health issues, especially air issues have been noticeably considerable. Understanding the specific need for maintaining fresh air as an emerging need, OLEV presents Pure BioAir as a solution solver lying in a smart lamp. 

Being described as a lamp made for sanitizing offices and other interiors, Pure BioAir deployed the invisible UV-C light to exploit the bactericidal power, counteracting harmful viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic microorganisms spreading. This equipment structure showed the thorough and practical design from Olev that exposing UV-C rays without precaution can cause irreversible damage.

Serving the best beneficial experience to the consumer’s experience, Pure BioAir equips the ultra-dark lamellar screen, eliminating glare that interferes user’s sight, assuring a UGR (Unified Glare Rating) value of less than 19. Hence, people working on the computer screens would enjoy the visual pleasure that Pure BioAir serves and its optimal air quality. 

Owning a competitive advantage of technology yet still embracing the aesthetic aspect, Pure BioAir proudly guarantees its ability to achieve 99% of germicidal efficiency, reserving safety from customers’ air quality. Positioning itself as a modern lamp for a futuristic lifestyle. 




Intending to deliver the furnished and pleasant experience in such public places (offices, restaurants, lounge rooms, and hotels..), the designer Filippo Cannata has come up with Exagon design, bringing functional and artistic vibe into a lamp and upgrading the living experience into the in-house environment.

Presented as a suspension lamp with a unique design structure that allows hexagonal compositions, the Exagon lamp from OLEV brought in an innovative lamp that creates upward and downward diffused light, giving a lifeful environment with its brightness.  

Having three versions: Silence, Silence Biolight and Silence Green prospectively adopted various needs, from sound-absorbing, enhancing psycho-physical well-being to the refreshing environment with natural elements; Exagon thoroughly serves the consumer needs, pressing the idea of a smart lamp in our modern world. 



Belonging to the collection of OLEV designer lamps to optimize lighting and well-being function, the exclusive sound-absorbing light named Eclipse Nuance Silence was launched successfully after the collaboration between OLEV and the famous designer – Marc Sadler. 

Illustrated as a decorative LED pendant light, Eclipse Nuance Silence adds itself as a third feature to OLEV’s refined design and focused light. The Eclipse Nuance Silence gently attenuated, forming a pleasant shade of light for its environment.  

Besides gently adjusting light shade, Eclipse Nuance Silence also can absorb the noise inside the environment surrounding it thanks to the micro-perforated sheet with decreased thickness, delivering acoustic comfort.   



Made in Venice with pride, Beam Stick Nuance launched as a suspension lamp made exclusively by the mouth-blown glass, another special design from Marc Sadler. 

To achieve the unique gradient effect, Sadler used 3 different layers of crafted glass expertly. As a result, the lamps launch with a double light source inside the sphere, one with a soft light source that brings the nuances and shapes of the glass material into life, the other with an unfiltered light beam projected downwards. 

Manufactured with expertise, passion and an artistic mindset, Beam Stick Nuance from OLEV has made its inspiring impression on the aesthetic aspect of standard lamps.

The four products above from Olev have representatively shown their innovative approach in lighting solutions, raising awareness in the needs of healthy and functional light into the temporary interior industry over their 7 years serving business.  “Create a light tailored to people’s needs, to improve well-being and heighten emotions”

FRIGERIO: Dedication and flexibility in your living space

Frigerio is releasing a 2021 collection called “Home Edition”, which is divided into two volumes. The HOME EDITION 01 is dedicated to the sofas’ collection, the core business of the brand and the HOME EDITION 02 narrates the flexibility and the wide range of Frigerio through an edition dedicated to armchairs, chairs, tables, and small tables, without forgetting the night area, for a complete lifestyle integrated.

Horizon sofa

Horizon sofa is one significant design from the new collection.

Designed by Christophe Pillet, Horizon Sofa interprets the quality and care of Frigeiro through Pillet’s nonchalant style and reflects contemporary living. To describe this extraordinary sofa, “smart positioning” has been mentioned under the strategic perspective among experts in the luxury furniture industry. Horizon Sofa dedicates itself to being a perfectly functional modern modular sofa to suit the heterogeneous lifestyle, functional and spatial requirements in both residential and contract settings. 

Owning a variety of structural solutions that come from the linear corners with asymmetrical trapezoidal elements, curved elements, and two-seat depts, Horizon Sofa delivers a comfortable experience for consumers. The backrest and armrests of this design are covered in fabric or leather for the primary material, accentuating the sofa’s sophisticated character. 

Frigerio’s Horizon sofa up close

Inherited from Frigerio’s legacy, Horizon Sofa expresses its personalization through the flexible design, functional support for added decorations with various accessories placed as central and terminal elements, or the ability to be a support surface with cushion and additional armrests. This innovative characteristic assists consumers in freely customizing their own unique Horizon Sofa.

The impressive function and design from Horizon Sofa have been successfully illustrated through its versatile and fluid use and function. Flexibility shows in its appearance, which practically varies from convivial space, vibing area to an ideal working station, or simply a favorite spot for a drink or quick lunch. 

MissoniHome: Bringing impeccable aesthetics into your space

MissoniHome, dedicated to furniture, is for whoever wants to furnish and decorate their rooms with a unique and original touch, without sacrificing the high level of quality. Rosita Missoni, one of Missoni’s founders, is the creative mind behind this home décor collection. Impeccably crafted colors interweave with innovative and linear forms to create artistic yet functional pieces that will foster a warm and inviting environment.

In 2021, MissoniHome released its latest collection, which sees a congruence of all things simply geometric, stylishly colorful, and functionally layered. The collection responds to customers’ need of refurbishing and beautifying their home space directly, by offering stunning home decor including rugs, furniture and other accessories, doused in choreographed colours that are sure to make you smile. 

Customers can find a story that highlights the interweave of lake blue tones, natural stone such as slate, pebbles and travertine between neutral shades and large flames of iconic black and white in the Night Flower theme of MissoniHome’s 2021 collection.


The Garden Light theme presents an airy, light, colors and shimmering atmosphere. Between watercolor and fresh tones, different textures give space to the ambiance and agilely intersect.


Constellation is a joyful and creative theme dominated by astral symbols, between shades of darkness and moon white, refined as 3D mosaics. Each sign of the zodiac is found on embroidered cushions with a dark nocturnal background, imitated in printed form on a light background, or as an artistic bas-relief on the precious backrest covers of the chairs. 


Iconic FR is a story of sophistication and performance, dedicated to high-quality flame retardant jacquard fabrics, with either a wool touch or a pleasantly silky handle. Geometries, micro patterns, iconic zigzags, chevrons, and a pictorial pine forest are the prevalent designs, proposed in a new nocturnal and abstract version, transformed and embellished with ecru/anthracite contrasts or calm light effects. 


It amazes us every time to witness the most unique design ideas come to life with each collection of the brands we represent. The 2021 collections have been brilliant and we are excited to see what the virtuoso minds have to showcase in the upcoming year.