Inside Salone Del Mobile 2023 With Italian Atelier: Which Brands Are Your Favorite? (Part 3)

Inside Salone Del Mobile 2023 With Italian Atelier: Which Brands Are Your Favorite? (Part 3)

The 2 previous parts have not yet completed our enthralling journey at Salone Del Mobile 2023 as we still have more delightful discoveries to make. In this final part, we’ll uncover the rest of the innovative designs and trends showcased by our luxury furniture brands. So buckle up, sip your coffee, and get ready for a thrilling ride through the world of cutting-edge Italian design! Our voyage concludes here with a final glimpse into the remarkable visions that will shape the future of interior spaces.

Our brands at the Salone del Mobile 2023


Poltronova has always surprised us with their unique and bold designs. This Salone del Mobile is no exception. Italian Atelier was lost in the stunning labyrinth of their booth as walking through their new collection display feels like wandering through the looking glass in Alice’s Adventures. The layout is a perfect mix of fun and creativity with vibrant colors, unique shapes, and playful designs. 

Brought to this year’s fair were their most iconic pieces from Poltronova’s rich archive: The selfie mirror Ultrafragola, the JOE armchair in the shape of a giant baseball glove, the Sanremo floor lamp as a stylized palm tree, and the Tappeto Prato rug inspired by the Farfalla pattern. 

You can also find Poltronova at ELLE Decor’s “The Art of Light” exhibition during Milan Design Week where they displayed their SOFO in the sofa and in the armchair version and the T02 coffee table by Superstudio, and the RUMBLE sofa by Gianni Pettena.

From the moment setting our foot in the hall, it felt like being in a disco room, with the Rosancio and Verosa sofa being displayed like a train or stacked like a tower. The outcome was an abstract and playful ambiance that spoke joie de vivre and fun.

Missoni Home

Do you still remember the big trendy and fashionable rabbit that embraces the Missoni Home spirit last year? That’s why Italian Atelier is more than excited to wait for Missoni Home’s new collection following their 2023 Spring-Summer ready-to-wear collection. 

Sparked by hyper-graphic and artistic aesthetics, Missoni Home is a masterful player in creating collections that surprise us with unexpected geometric patterns and a vibrant color palette of ultra-bright, deep and intense hues. The color wheel and three-dimensional textures are key elements of their design DNA that give each piece its own identity: from decor to garments, every piece captures the essence of Missoni. 

Coming to this year’s fair, the Brand is ready to shake the art world with three main novelties on the chromatic front: from the return to white in different color dimensions to colorful optical patterns and brightly colored large furnishings like sofas or rugs that Alberto Caliri called a big canvas.

In collaboration with Jannelli&Volpi, Missoni Home is displaying their new collection “Living Inside-Out” with the main characters: new bold-colored pouf chairs. Just like what its name suggests, the collection is a perfect choice when it comes to expressing your identity through static items in your home. Who wouldn’t partly guess what’s your taste like through these playful shapes and patterns?


Ready to SLIDE into the world of contemporary design? Coming to this Salone del Mobile, SLIDE has collaborated with many famous designers, from Favaretto&Partners, Paola Navone, to Roberto Paoli to display their unique designs in the Cordiale Cafe. 

Just like their unique perspective of art and design, SLIDE displayed their works made from second-life plastic and biobased polyethylene in a cozy atmosphere in the form of a cafeteria. 

We were honored to have a conversation with Favaretto&Partners where he shared his vision and philosophy for the reunion of the Amanda and Ambrogio side table in a new novelty called “Together”. Having Amanda and Ambrogio on two sides of the table, the table will best shine when placed next to a sofa or displayed as an empty shelf at home or in a restaurant. 

In their project with Paola Navone, the famous artist drew her inspiration for the table Ottocento Up and the Ottocento Floor Lamp from the 19th Neoclassicism, available in up to 33 editions, with freedom of choice for materials and colors.


Mascheroni has adopted an impressive design language for the “Do You Speak Design” concept showcased at Salone Del Mobile 2023, with a specific focus on classical modernity. The brand’s exhibition booth emanates an exquisite aesthetic appeal and a sense of royalty that immediately captivated us.

The booth emanates an exquisite aesthetic appeal and a sense of royalty

Each design presented by Mascheroni is meticulously crafted, reflecting the distinctive hallmark of genuine Italian craftsmanship. This commitment to superior artistry further enhances the intrinsic value of their pieces, augmented by the heartfelt dedication and expertise of the skilled artisans involved in their creation. Visitors were afforded the unique opportunity to rediscover the charm of raw cement within a refined and multifaceted interplay of visual languages. Diverse forms, lines, and textures converge harmoniously, forming oversized geometries that blend contrasting natural materials such as marble, wood, and leather.

These aesthetically pleasing materials possess the unique characteristic of vitality, growth, and transformation as they evolve and age over time. Mascheroni has truly transcended boundaries, taking visitors through priceless encounters that redefine the very essence of artistic appreciation, and once again demonstrated the ability to elevate the sophistication of their pieces, regardless of any environments in which they are interpreted.

Tonino Lamborghini Casa

Tonino Lamborghini Casa is bringing power, performance, and luxury into the home with sophisticated and distinctive designs at Salone Del Mobile 2023.

As a renowned name in the automotive industry, the brand continues to make waves in the furniture sector while staying true to a tradition of elegant and bold aesthetics. The products within the Tonino Lamborghini Casa collection boast a luxurious character without veering into ostentation. The spotlight of their showroom for us is the GT Carbon & GT DK duo. These exceptional office furniture pieces by Tonino Lamborghini Casa are adorned with premium leather Daino, artfully blending the captivating hues of orange and black.

“Luxury meets performance” is the affirmation that the brand has consistently proven through their ability to leave a unique creative mark in each product, while still preserving the elegance and exquisite characteristics inherent to the artisanal furniture industry in Italy. Expect nothing short of excellence, as Tonino Lamborghini consistently incorporates premium materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar, satin, and genuine leather into their remarkable creations.

Tonelli Design

Tonelli Design has an illustrious and storied history at the Salone del Mobile – Milano, marked by memorable moments and iconic creations.

Their latest collection “The New Modernism 2023” pays homage to this journey while simultaneously forging a new path. It showcases objects with a distinct character that not only stand the test of time but also introduce innovative elements. These pieces possess a strong personality and are designed to accompany individuals throughout their lives. The brand’s design language represents the perfect combination of traditional artisanal techniques and modern technology. In an artistic pursuit, Tonelli Design remains fervently devoted to glass, harnessing its ethereal nature to epitomize boundless design liberation.

Treca Paris

We immediately felt transported to the dreamland of France when setting foot in Treca Paris‘s booth at Salone Del Mobile. Since 1935, Treca Paris has accumulated sleep know-how for generations and articulated the art of resting in the most unique ways. Making a comeback at the Milan Furniture Fair, the brand showcased their latest creations envisioned by famed designers in a setting that is Parisian-boutique-like, igniting the French romantic allure.

This tempting ambiance serves as the perfect backdrop, setting the stage for their pieces to shine. Beyond the impressive set-up, we were also drawn into their story of selecting only the noblest maerials and trend-setting fabrics for every of Treca’s collection.

French wool is one of the signatures, where impeccable craftsmanship and aesthetic finesse harmonize to create a deluxe ambiance in your bedroom. What differentiates Treca from the others is how the brand pays great homage to French traditions as can be seen through their bed designs, which were crafted by master artisans. We believe that the artistic narrative in which Treca Paris has defined themselves will not only embark on this new collection but go along the way with their creative vision!


Wall&Deco unveils “The Essential Wallpaper Collection,” infusing the atmosphere of this year’s Salone Del Mobile with a breath of fresh creativity.

Their immersive installation spans over 1000 square meters, where cascading rolls of wallpaper create an eye-catching labyrinthine effect, inviting visitors to explore the collection’s designs and their interpretation with the surrounding environment. Essential, like its name, this collection harmonizes fundamental color tones, adding a touch of refinement to living spaces. 

Enhanced by mesmerizing three-dimensional materials and patterns, each product line offers a wealth of color and pattern variations, ensuring that you can freely express your unique tastes. For connoisseurs of an opulent and refined lifestyle, Essential Wallpaper Collection will provide you with multiple ideas to make a bold statement for your walls!

Vittoria Frigerio

Our journey continued to take us on the mission of uncovering Vittoria Frigerio‘s novelties for this edition of Salone Del Mobile. This year, the brand’s booth bears a resemblance to the previous year, maintaining its distinct display approach for each space, allowing visitors to easily perceive the harmonious integration of the brand’s furniture in diverse environments.

A fresh energy radiates throughout Vittoria Frigerio’s booth, emanating from the dominant tones of orange and gold. With diverse geometric shapes, sleek curves, understated yet exquisite designs, and the finest craftsmanship, Vittoria Frigerio’s pieces left us in awe of their luxurious beauty and enduring value they bring to any home. The brand has been consistent in making their own way to position the opulence lifestyle for many editions of Salone Del Mobile, without any constraints of monotony.

Meroni & Colzani

Having been around for over half of a decade manufacturing sofas and furnishings for different rooms, Meroni & Colzani leaves their own mark with the “Made in Italy” hallmark, focusing on the tailor-made products produced purely by Italian artists who have experience with the finest materials and textures, from wood, marble, and leather, to fabric with the help of technology. 

The Brand is the result of the mix of two historical artisans: furniture and upholstery production. With an aim to impress, innovate, and create timeless shapes from new materials reimagined from nostalgic aesthetics, Meroni & Colzani has come back to Salone del Mobile 2023 with a new Bolgheri and Anzio collection, featuring new options for your living room.

Characterized by soft, elegant sinuous lines, large comfortable backrests, and a range of coverings, the new Levante sofa will stand out in your living space, complemented by the Bolgheri coffee table comprising metal wings and a marble or lacquered top. As you lounge upon the Levante sofa, basking in its unrivaled comfort, you are transported to a world where relaxation knows no bounds. The harmonious fusion of luxurious design and ergonomic excellence invites you to unwind and escape the rigors of the day, immersing yourself in a sanctuary of serenity.


Midgard has long been making waves in the lighting industry since the early 20th century, and now they have come back to Salone del Mobile and the lighting exhibition Euroluce this year with their iconic products: the AYNO collection, the modular TYP 559, and the K830 wall, and an innovative prototype RAY table and floor lamp. 

At Salone del Mobile last year, the patented classic AYNO design by Stefen Diez was once again re-editioned by giving it a new version for the wall in two sizes.

What we’re looking for is the prototype of the RAY lamp which was displayed in the Euroluce 2023. Unexpectedly and incredibly simple, we were shaken by how easy it is to adjust the length of the lamp by only moving the “button” in the joint up and down. This product is still a unique addition to the Midgard family, showcasing their talents and mastery in designing the most emblematic light. 

Looking unadored as they may be, you’ll have the same reactions as the Italian Atelier team when the lights are on. They truly light up the room!


The “Art of Living” player Mirabili came to the game this year with a wide range of products from different world-famous names, enough to captivate any art enthusiast. From the ceramic and wood decor Odalisca by Ettore Sottsass and Led sculptures by Marco Lodola to the Madmoiselle Valery and the Turtles & Moon chairs with nature-inspired details by Carla Tolomeo, Mirabili has it all. These artworks will infuse an aesthetic, abstract, yet poetic vibe into your everyday life, bringing liveliness into any living space.

Featured in the booth were Carla Tolomeo’s exotic chairs, taking inspiration from elements in nature. Who thought that such an ordinary item could be transformed into a work of art?

Marco Lodola is one of the most influential artists in Italy and a key representative of the Neo-Futurist movement. That’s why every time we look at his led sculptor for Mirabili Art, we’d feel like being driven back to the 80s with pop style and arts, films, music, or designs. Most of his designs depict typical activities of mass culture through bold, bright colors in a “free and generous” style.

What also caught our eyes is the ceramic sculpture Odalique by Ettore Sottsass. Being part of the Mirabili Arte d’Abitare collection, the product represents the artistic side of Ettore Sottsass, while symbolizing the vision of Mirabili of infusing pieces of aesthetic utopia into the home of man.‎

Riva 1920

Italian Atelier is always impressed by Riva 1920’s sustainable projects, and their performance at this Salone del Mobile in Milan was another milestone to remember. Instead of building a contemporary booth at the fair for 5 days, Riva 1920 had a different unique approach: building the real Riva 1920 building, on one of the most crowded streets in the city. This is perfectly aligned with their long-term journey of pursuing sustainability from the smallest detail.

This year’s theme – “Sustainability” is such an interesting playground for Riva 1920 to tell their story about their vision of eco-friendliness, through the latest and the most iconic collections, all made from reforested and reused wood with Italian craftsmanship. 

Another milestone to celebrate this season is their collaboration with a guest from a special industry: Master Pastry Chef Iginio Massari. Who’s ever wondered if furniture design can meet cuisine one day? The answer lies in the new Bignè stool by Samuele Montorfano, made of Lebanon’s scented cedar upholstered in fabric, in the shape of a big cream puff that you’ll usually see in Italian bakeries to “make room for sweetness”. 


Coming to this year’s Furiosalone, Röthlisberger will showcase their latest furniture innovations at the exhibition “Urgent Legacy” at the House of Switzerland as a sustainable answer to the current climate crisis and global developments. This is a reasonable strategy, as sustainability should be incorporated into the furniture industry and is also expected to be interpreted by designers in the near future. 

Having led the industry for around 100 years, Röthlisberger’s designer furniture is not just a piece of décor, it’s a statement. Crafted with traditional Swiss carpentry expertise and infused with creative inquisitiveness in an eco-friendly factory, products from this Brand are made from industrial materials like steel, glass, stone, and especially more than 40 types of woods in creative ways.

Their new product – the “Winku” table means “angle” in Bernese Swiss German with legs that can be rotated 45 degrees. The clever interlocking design of this table can stabilize the base with only two wing nuts yet remaining naturally stable. Marc Gerber has taught us the art of simplicity and moment through this new table. Look like it’ll fit a space with a Japanese vibe? That’s right! Because the inspiration behind “Winku” is the simple but complicated Haiku poem.