Maison Et Objet 2022: London Art has joined the Party

Maison Et Objet 2022: London Art has joined the Party

From the last 24th to the 28th of March, Maison et Objet, the most exceptional public fair in the lifestyle and decoration industry, was held in Paris with the attendance of more than 1800 exhibitors and thousands of visitors. For a comeback after months of waiting, Maison et Objet 2022 had decided to bring a unique experience with the completely new concept, inspired by “New Luxury”. Contributing to the successful redefinition of “luxury” of M&O this year, it would be missing without mentioning LondonArt, our extraordinary exclusive Italian wallpaper house.

LondonArt had been standing out at Maison&Objet in the last 4 days with the launch of their latest capsule collection, The Daydreamer Collection Vol. 2 by Gio Pagani. Exclusiveness and creativity could be found right from the way they constructed their booth. Instead of simply displaying products, LondonArt has built a labyrinthine room to walk the visitors through stages of emotions. Every nook in the maze is a wall, and on every wall is a sophisticated wallpaper design from Gio Pagani’s collection. Not only would viewers be able to absorb the message of every design, but they will also have an unforgettable artistic experience.


Still being a narrative story of Gio Pagani’s life, the Daydreamer vol.2 leads observers to more vivid imaginative elements. This harmonious symphony has blended universal natural flavors from Africa, Asia, to Europe, across various art forms including photography, music, art, and design. Expanding from the simple floral concept of vol.1, the new collection had taken on a larger scale theme, inspired by abstractionism. “Wallpapers become music to listen to and not just to see”. The Daydreamer vol.2 has left in the hearts of Maison&Objet visitors a sophisticated mix of feelings, from amazement to mesmerization.


Surrealistic Pillow is an explosion of abstraction. Observing the five incredible wallpaper designs, we can see the picture of an artist who is playing with empty and filled spaces. His creativity and color sensitivity have blended simple color pieces into remarkable works of art. All designs are formed as an integration of geometry’s basic shapes including lines, triangles, points, circles, … stimulating a visual illusion. Everytime it comes to a design of Surrealistic Pillow, an emotional feeling is aroused in the viewer’s heart.

LondonArt has chosen the most iconic version of IN THE MORNING to display at Maison&Objet 2022. The author has put all floral figures in the right corner to create a delicate lonely beauty, resting the other space of the design blank. The more we come closer to the oversized yellow-orange flowers, the smaller we become, arousing an extreme feeling inside every visitor. Geometric rectangle striped feature is used for the top layer of the design to generate balance.


LondonArt has used the brown tone version of WHITE RABBIT for this event. Located right at the entrance, WHITE RABBIT begins the LondonArt experience for the visitor with an unexpected warm sensation. The design is composed of many small-sized circles in different color tones. Lying on the design surface are gaps in inconsistent shapes, characterizing the unique beauty of WHITE RABBIT.

Being a formation of color triangle pieces in light and dark tone of brown placed randomly, HOW DO YOU FEEL is like a patchy carving full of emotions. 


COME BACK BABY was used for decoration on an outside wall of LondonArt’s booth in Maison&Objet 2022. The design is a pinch of four 45-degree angles. Although every angle has a different curved frame pattern, all are colorized with three colors: green, red, and dark blue. Each motif seems to be unrelated until the viewer looks at them as a whole to recognize the attractive illusion. LondonArt has used the beauty of contrast color elements to attract the attention of visitors passing by.

The brown design of SOMEBODY TO LOVE, matching the color appearance of the whole booth, has been favored by LondonArt to put the brand’s logo on it. This wallpaper is beautifully born with plenty of uneven horizontal and vertical lines. Color tones from left to right create the effect of ombre from dark to light.



The FOR YOUR PLEASURE capsule collection is a rustic depicture of the scenario when people’s thoughts are rewritten into designs. The five wallpaper designs are all scribbled with sophisticated imperfect lines similar to our flow of thoughts. It is the blend of light and dark colors that helps create an expressive language to communicate with the viewers. With such a “handmade” appearance, FOR YOUR PLEASURE is the symbol of a strong bond between human and majestic nature.

In the same-named capsule collection, the design FOR YOUR PLEASURE was selected with the beige version to appear at Maison&Objet 2022. The wall appears as a patchy picture including 3 different beige tones on top of each other. The higher your eyes go, the brighter the color is. However, the most highlight is the rustic handmade-looking dots scattered on the background, creating complexity for the design. (Photography source: Giopangani)


Showing up with the overwhelming beauty of nature, DO THE STRAND is the only product of the collection on display with two design versions at the fair. If the blue design simulates the moon’s pureness on a quiet night, the white design is the image of the glorious sun in dawn, reflecting on the water surface. Not only does DO THE STRAND depict the artist’s gorgeous view of life, but also respects our mother nature.


EDITION OF YOU attracted visitors’ eyes with an abstract and artistic appearance. The design simulates 5 human figures in different postures with scribbled lines, illustrating different things that happen inside our minds. Not being just a wallpaper, EDITION OF YOU is a means for the author to communicate with observers, helping them find the edition of them when looking at the artwork.

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL has contributed to the appearance of LondonArt at Maison&Objet a compact and moving emotion. The image of an abstract human face is rendered in simple lines. Around the face are plenty of inconsistent and complex shapes, expressing the dynamic emotions in the innermost self of a person. Besides, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL is colorized in cold tones, evoking the character’s introverted personality.

Last but not least, the final design of FOR YOUR PLEASURE capsule collection is the amazing GREY LAGOONS, depicting layers of lagoons following each other. The image of a complicated zigzag path evokes both the rustic beauty of nature and the disparity in human emotions.



Coming to Wheels of Fire, you will arrive at the artistic world of macro-geometry, where pure color becomes the protagonist in every look. Looking at the giant geometry shapes, a strange feeling is aroused in us that these designs are alive and slowly moving. Any additional frills are not acceptable in a Wheels of Fire design, where only color shows off themselves.

With the overwhelming feeling it brings, PASSING THE TIME is one of the wallpapers chosen to give visitors the first impression of LondonArt at Maison&Objet 2022. For the hugest attention, the brand has picked the more colorful version of PASSING THE TIME. The design is made up of 6 colors in 6 macro shapes without any other details, making time seem to stand still each time standing in front of it.

The CROSSROADS pattern consists of only 3 simple colors filled in symmetrically-placed diagonal lines. Pink, earthy pink and orange color tones evoke a warm and dynamic energy. The artist has also adorned imitative wrinkles on the colors to make CROSSROADS more lifelike.

SITTING ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD consists of many unique shapes standing in a matching position but not completely touching each other. The shapes are painted using contrasting colors such as white and black, green and brown, giving an even strong personality to the design.

BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN will give you an impressive 3D illusion of imperfect rectangles overlapping each other. The feeling becomes even more realistic when the shape lying above casts a shadow on the shape below. With only green, white, and black, this design shows how the artist has successfully transformed simple elements into artwork.

If BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN creates a 3D effect with overlapped rectangles, WHITE ROOM will create the same illusion but with undulating mountain shapes. Effectively using different color tones and shadow effects, the design appears extremely lively in front of viewers. The randomly scattered tiny dots add a sense of shallowness and depth to the picture. (Photography source: Giopangani)



While WHEELS OF FIRE is the epitome of macro-geometric design’s minimalist beauty, MR. FANTASY will take you through an adventure in a world of dense textures. In chronology, starting with the classic tactile scenography, the collection drives you to the 60s in psychedelia subculture and stops at the 70s with chromatic stylization. MR. FANTASY is a fantastic explosion of floral decoration with many new shapes, waves, and colors.

HEAVEN IS IN YOUR MIND depicts a dynamic forest with vibrant colors and plants on a black background. The use of eye-catching and striking colors on freely curving lines illustrates the boldness of the artist. The design appears like heaven in the visitor’s mind with cheerful classical melodies resounding in the ears. In the fair Maison&Objet 2022, LondonArt placed next to the wallpaper a white bean bag chair, helping visitors imagine how HEAVEN IN YOUR MIND will enhance the aesthetic of lifestyle.

BERKSHIRE POPPYS is a bustling world of bright tones, including pink, red, and purple colors. Looking at the wallpaper, visitors can imagine all the petals dancing in front of them, evoking excitement and happiness in their hearts. The design also reminds us of the radiant beauty of red poppies flowers.

HOUSE OF EVERYONE has a classic motif commonly seen in a vintage home of the 20th century. Instead of being placed randomly, flowers are arranged in organized lines perpendicular to each other, creating artistic squares patterns. The dark color of HOUSE OF EVERYONE arouses a classic vintage vibe that is peaceful and adorable.

MR. FANTASY is made up of vertical lines, and each vertical line is made up of duplicates of attractive wave textures, evenly arranged. Not only does this bring a satisfying feeling, but it also illustrates an attractive vintage aesthetic. LondonArt has displayed DR. MR. FANTASY with two lamps that light in the same yellow color, emphasizing the classic beauty it owns.

Finally, SMILING PHASES is a plant garden in full bloom consisting of beautiful flowers in clusters. It is the light brown tone and floral textures that together sing a song of a bygone century, which has left the world with elegance and nobility.

With the timeless and universal appearance of the daydreamer capsule collection volume 2, LondonArt at Maison&Objet 2022 has proven: wallpapers are not only to look at but also to be felt and heard. The presence of the brand this year was an indelible highlight in the memories of every visitor. If you are mesmerized by the spectacular designs of the daydreamer vol. 2 displayed at the LondonArt booth, contact Italian Atelier to find more information and own one right away.