15th Italian Atelier Anniversary

2023 is a special year for Italian Atelier when we not only left remarkable imprints on the journey of spreading the exclusive lifestyle but also marked the milestone of 15 years of working in the luxury furniture sector. On this exceptional birthday occasion, let’s join Italian Atelier in reflecting on the journey of becoming a leading agency at the forefront of luxury lifestyle in Asia.

Nurturing Our Mission Through A Unique Creative Mindset

Over a decade of operation, Italian Atelier has persistently pursued the mission of becoming a reliable commercial representative for European brands in the Asia-Pacific region—a market brimming with potential in the luxury furniture industry.

At Italian Atelier, we perceive “luxury” not merely as opulent, expensive products but as a journey of exploration, an emotion crafted from unique experiences and an exclusive lifestyle. For us, exquisite furniture designs go beyond mere functionality; they embody artistic and spiritual value, expressing individuality and a distinctive voice.

“It’s not just a piece of furniture; it’s a work of art containing stories full of inspiration.” – Jasmine Chau, Italian Atelier CMO & CSO

2023 Marks A Dynamic Phase In Our Journey To Introduce Luxury Lifestyle

Amidst the dynamics and challenges of 2023, Italian Atelier has taken significant strides to shape perceptions of exclusive lifestyle. Besides participating in annual industry events, our focus extends to robust communication strategies and collaborations with numerous partners to craft artistic experiences that resonate widely, particularly with the younger generation.

From Artistic Value To Community Engagement

In celebration of International Women’s Day in March, Italian Atelier collaborated with Vesta Lifestyle & Gifts and Vietnam Breast Cancer Network to organize the “Ultrafemme” event, honoring the innate beauty of women. Inspired by the curves of hair and the female body, the iconic Ultrafragola mirror from Poltronova—a timeless design—became the centerpiece, capturing the attention of many art enthusiasts.

Italian Atelier mừng ngày Quốc tế Phụ nữ bằng sự kiện "Ultrafemme" và giới thiệu chiếc gương Ultrafragola và phong cách sống độc tôn
Italian Atelier mừng ngày Quốc tế Phụ nữ bằng sự kiện "Ultrafemme" và giới thiệu chiếc gương Ultrafragola và phong cách sống độc tôn

The “What if coffee flavors have colors?” workshop is part of our journey to share experiences and lifestyles, where colors can affect our tastes and feelings about flavors. Teaming up with S’mores Saigon, Italian Atelier offers fresh perspectives on taste through colorful products from the Pantone by Copenhagen Design brand, with the message “Live in colors.”

October 2023 marks a turning point for Italian Atelier in spreading artistic values and lifestyles to the young community of Vietnam. Joining forces with De La Sól – Sun Life Flagship, we present the exhibition “Into The Mirror”. This is not just an art exhibition; it emphasizes a more humane message: Each individual is a heritage, and within every person lies an unexplored universe. Look into the Ultrafragola mirror and rediscover the human you aspire to become.

Triển lãm Into The Mirror by Italian Atelier & Del La Sól cho Poltronova để giới thiệu các sản phẩm nội thất cao cấp
Triển lãm Into The Mirror by Italian Atelier & Del La Sól cho Poltronova để giới thiệu các sản phẩm nội thất cao cấp
Triển lãm Into The Mirror by Italian Atelier & Del La Sól cho Poltronova để giới thiệu các sản phẩm nội thất cao cấp

The event attracted thousands of young minds who are curious about innovative designs to share a meaningful message

Continuing To Expand And Connect

Participation in annual industry events is how Italian Atelier stays abreast of new trends, always at the forefront of promotional activities for our brands. When it comes to interior design, we cannot overlook the Salone del Mobile – an annual exhibition dedicated to furniture and interior design held in Milan, Italy. It stands as one of the most significant global showcases in the field, drawing participation from designers, artists, businesses, and design enthusiasts worldwide. At this year’s Salone del Mobile, Italian Atelier joined hands with numerous brands we represent to share experiences and provide updates on the latest trends from the design capital of the world with our customers in the Asia-Pacific market.

Italian Atelier tại Salone del Mobile 2023 trong hành trình giới thiệu phong cách sống độc tôn với nội thất cao cấp
Italian Atelier tại Salone del Mobile 2023: Do you speak design? để cập nhật các xu hướng nội thất cao cấp từ các thương hiệu châu Âu

We also participated in the WU event on May 31st, where updates, insights, and connections with pioneering businesses in technology-driven transformations in the luxury furniture sector were explored and discussed. It was an opportunity for us to engage in conversations with industry experts and gain valuable perspectives on the application of technology in the realm of high-end furniture.

Italian Atelier tại WU Design để chia sẻ về phong cách sống độc tôn
Italian Atelier tại CIFF Shanghai 2023 để cập nhật phong cách sống độc tôn

In June, Italian Atelier proudly showcased the lifestyle product line of Pantone by Copenhagen Design at the Design Shanghai event in Shanghai—a leading international design event in the Asian interior design landscape. Being a major commercial partner for numerous brands in the Asia-Pacific region, it was a chance for us to access and introduce ourselves to a robust market like China.

Continuing the annual event series is Maison&Objet, featuring the participation of Italian Atelier’s partner brands such as Cobra Art, Riviere, and Giobagnara. Renowned as a world-famous international exhibition for lifestyle, interior design, and home decor accessories, Maison&Objet serves not only as a platform to foster connections and expand markets among businesses but also as a venue to radiate the artistic spirit in one of the world’s foremost design capitals – France. Despite occurring only biennially, the event consistently leaves distinctive marks and exciting experiences for us every time we visit.

Italian Atelier tại Maison&Objet với Giobagnara để giới thiệu về phong cách sống độc tôn
Italian Atelier tại Maison&Objet với Giobagnara để giới thiệu về phong cách sống độc tôn
Photos: Giobagnara, Cobra Art
Italian Atelier tại Maison&Objet với Cobra Art để giới thiệu về phong cách sống độc tôn

The most recent is the Find Design event in Singapore last September where Italian Atelier collaborated with Vetrotec and Chateau D’Ax. Beyond being an exhibition showcasing unique and innovative artistic designs, Find Design served as a convergence point for influential figures in the industry, bringing about numerous opportunities for commercial collaborations.

The active participation of Italian Atelier in leading international events, conferences, and furniture exhibitions has provided us with the chance to meet, engage, and share valuable insights with the community and clients in the industry.

Crafting A Comprehensive Luxury Lifestyle With Remarkable Partnerships

Over the past decade, Italian Atelier has consistently solidified its position through strategic choices and collaborations with leading furniture and design brands in Europe. The quality and reputation of our partner brands have always been paramount criteria for us.

In recent years, Italian Atelier has not only served as a commercial representative for these brands but has also acted as a bridge between the European lifestyle and culture and the Asian market. This is evident in each meticulously curated product we select. We believe that creativity, excellent craftsmanship, and impeccable material combinations play a crucial role in crafting ideal living spaces.

New Partners

With unwavering dedication and a top priority for quality and reputation, 2023 is proving to be a more dynamic year than ever for Italian Atelier as we join hands with renowned brands such as Midgard, Cobra Art, Treca Paris, Tonelli, Home Carpense, Contardi Lighting. These partnerships are not just about new brands; they are our companions in establishing a comprehensive experience in lifestyle for our discerning clients in Asia.

All the achievements and efforts of Italian Atelier were once again affirmed by being honored at the 2023 Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA) held at Marina Bay, Singapore as the “Best Furniture Agency”. This is a prestigious event in the field of architecture and design in Asia that aims to celebrate and recognize the outstanding works of architects and remarkable architectural structures across the region.

Italian Atelier thắng giải Best Furniture Agency tại Asian Architecture Awards 2023 (AADA Ẩds)

Every Day Is A New Beginning

Behind the successes and imprints Italian Atelier leaves in the luxury furniture industry lies the relentless dedication and ceaseless creativity of an entire team. Each individual is an indispensable piece, contributing to the fulfillment of our missions and visions. This is the core value that Italian Atelier has consistently placed at the forefront over the past decade and will continue to do so in future endeavors.

With 15 years of unwavering effort, for us, every day is a new beginning to continue sharing experiences of an exclusive lifestyle. When lifestyle exudes a distinctive personal essence, the home becomes your voice—a symbol of elegance and sophistication, elevating the value of life.